Secure your customers' digital assets

Our white-labeled Custody API integrates smoothly into your frontend, allowing you to safely store your customers digital assets at scale.

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Create frictionless user experiences

Create frictionless user experiences

Our fully licensed solution takes away the regulatory and technical complexity of managing and safeguarding your users’ digital assets. Our internal bookkeeping system enables instant off-chain crypto transfers between your customers, significantly reducing your network fees.

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The API-based custody service of Solaris Digital Assets was a natural choice to securely safeguard our customers’ digital assets, while still maintaining full ownership over our user experience. By integrating the custody solution, we can ease the onboarding for new customers and significantly enhance the speed of on-chain transactions.
Ben Jones
Ben Jones

CTO & Co-Founder of Nuri

Your benefits

Highest security standards

Your users' digital assets are stored in a distributed manner through a threshold signature (multi-party computation). This provides instant access for your users while avoiding any single point of failure.

Around-the-clock availability

Our internal bookkeeping system performs off & on-chain transactions, allowing your customers to make instant crypto tansfers between each other for free and at any time.

Full regulatory empowerment

As a fully licensed crypto-custodian we safekeep your users‘ digital assets compliantly. In addition, we ensure compliance with the AML 5 directive through our real-time transaction and user monitoring and our integrated KYC solution.

Faster time to market

Our modern RESTful APIs are thoroughly documented and accessible in a sandbox environment. Our team of specialists can help you get your product live in as little as 1-2 months.

Our API - elegant and easy to integrate


This endpoint lets you create an account for your end customer in our bookkeeping system, to which multiple blockchain adresses can be linked.

Sample endpoints of our API
POST /v1/entities/{entity_id}/accounts
GET /v1/entities/{entity_id}/accounts
GET /v1/entities/{entity_id}/accounts/{account_id}

A POST to this endpoint triggers a a Withdrawal, which represents a single transfer of funds from an Account to an external blockchain-level address.

Sample endpoints of our API
POST /v1/entities/{entity_id}/accounts/{account_id}/transactions/withdrawal

A Transfer represents an off-chain transfer from one Account to another on our internal bookkeeping system, meaning it is instant and not subject to network fees.

Sample endpoints of our API
POST /v1/entities/{entity_id}/accounts/{account_id}/transactions/transfer

Secure your customers' digital assets