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A one-stop shop platform

With Solaris Digital Assets as your partner, you get everything you need to build your own digital asset product under one roof. With our simple API integration you can go to market in next to no time.

01Your UI

Our APIs hide smoothly behind your frontend, meaning you can offer your solution entirely in your branding.


Our KYC is integrated by default into our solutions, allowing the compliant and convenient onboarding of your customers.

03Custody API

Store your users‘ digital assets with maximal security and around-the-clock availability. Each transaction your user makes undergoes a multi-validation to ensure the authenticity of its intent.

04Brokerage API

The Brokerage API enables your customers to buy and sell crypto directly from within your app. Settlements between Solaris’ euro accounts and our crypto wallets are free and instant.

05Banking API

Integrate Solaris’ banking services into your product, such as fiat accounts and branded cards, to create an end-to-end experience for your users.

This is what your frontend could look like
This is what your frontend could look like

The Brokerage API

Integrate our Brokerage API to offer a seamless crypto trading experience. Instant, secure and fully compliant with German regulatory requirements.

This is what your frontend could look like
This is what your frontend could look like

The Custody API

Our white-labeled Custody API integrates smoothly into your frontend, allowing you to safely store your customers digital assets at scale while keeping full control of your branding.

Crypto and banking combined

Our custodial service is integrated with Solaris’ KYC, enabling the convenient onboarding of your users - fully compliant with German Anti-Money Laundering regulations. Further Solaris services like bank accounts with branded prepaid, debit, and credit cards can be integrated with ease.

Crypto pioneers in the Solaris ecosystem

We enable a number of use cases

Already offering Digital asset services

Crypto Exchanges and Brokers

Take away the risk of self-custody from your users and boost their interaction with your exchange or trading app.

STO Platforms

Offer your investors a secure and convenient way to participate in your STO. From the identification process and collection of fiat funds to the custody of your tokens, our APIs have you covered from end to end.
Already offering Digital asset services
Start offering Digital asset services

Financial Institutions

Diversify your product portfolio by giving your customers the opportunity to invest in digital assets. Our state-of-the-art platform can be integrated seamlessly into the offerings of private banks, investment banks and security brokers.


Whether you are a neobank, a roboadvisor or a digital broker, by offering your customers transparent and convenient crypto-wallets, you can tap into new revenue streams and gain a competitive edge.
Start offering Digital asset services

Our Vision

We commit ourselves to become the leading infrastructure provider for the European digital asset ecosystem. We trust that by lowering the hurdles for digital asset pioneers, we are contributing to the development of a functional and secure decentralized world, which will transform the way we exchange value around the globe.

Julian Grigo
Julian Grigo

MD Solaris Digital Assets

Give your customers access to digital assets